Solving doubts about breast augmentation, can you breastfeed? With various tips that you should know

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For new mothers who are about to have a small child. But I had had breast augmentation before. Many people may wonder if they can still breastfeed their baby. Will the amount of milk produced decrease? and possible side effects on the baby What will there be? These questions can certainly make new moms nervous. So there is an answer to help mothers with breast augmentation. Become more confident

Solving doubts about breast augmentation, can you breastfeed? With various tips that you should know

Breast augmentation, can I breastfeed? Is it safe?

In general, People who have had breast augmentation surgery Can still breastfeed. There are no major problems. However, there are rare cases where some women may experience numbness. or no feeling in the nipple or breast area This may take approximately 6 months to 2 years to return to normal. But many mothers can be confident that even after breast augmentation There is still a chance to breastfeed. Without any complications, breast augmentation with silicone can be performed in 2 locations: under the muscle. or under the breast tissue But no matter where the silicone is placed, It does not affect your ability to breastfeed.

This is because the silicone is implanted under the breast tissue. used in milk production Therefore, it does not affect milk production in any way. Even during pregnancy, you can breastfeed normally. After breast augmentation, you should massage the breast area regularly. Because when breast augmentation with silicone The ufabet body will tend to build up scar tissue around the breast implants if there is too much scar tissue. This may result in the breasts feeling less firm and natural.

Breastfeeding advice for women who have had breast augmentation

Exciting and changing times For every woman Whether you are pregnant or have just given birth. There are various practices that can help you prepare. Especially for mothers who had breast augmentation. This advice is therefore intended to provide peace of mind to new mothers who need breast augmentation and are breastfeeding.

1.Eat nutritious food

Taking care of getting nutrients in a balanced way It is extremely important for proper nutrition. Especially being an important ingredient that will help in making milk products. Therefore, it is necessary to consume food from all 5 food groups in sufficient quantities each day.

2. Always encourage your child to drink milk from the breast.

Efforts should be made to encourage infants to exclusively drink breast milk. since birth This practice helps ensure a consistent and sufficient amount of breast milk is produced. Makes your baby’s suckling easier and eliminates the need to use formula milk.

3. Wear a bra to support the breasts.

It is recommended that you try to wear shirts and bras that support the breasts. To preserve the breast continuously It is important to avoid pulling on the breast area. Including the nipple frequently, for example, you should avoid pulling the child away from the breast suddenly.

When looking at the medical report There are no indications of newborn problems. due to mothers who received breast augmentation. Moreover, even though there is no innovative technology or any progression where complications can be detected during breastfeeding Due to the specific silicone reinforcement But there is research comparing their effectiveness. and the amount of breast milk between mothers who had breast augmentation and no breast augmentation No significant differences were found. Additionally, there were no reports of any physical problems in infants who were breastfed with artificial breasts.