‘Tuchel’ hurts ‘Hoeness’ for insulting him for not being able to mold children.

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Thomas Tuchel, manager of Bayern Munich, admits to feeling hurt and humiliated after being criticized by Uli Hoeness for not being able to develop young stars in the team and responds to the words of the club’s honorary president. Completely without supporting evidence

Last Friday, Hoeness went for an interview with , a beer media outlet. Revealing the relationship with Tuchel, the head coach who is preparing to leave after taking control of the team in the middle of last season.

“I’m not going to blame Tuchel. We have a good relationship. We often have dinner together,” the 72-year-old executive began.

“But Tuchel has a different view. He doesn’t think he can develop young players like Davies, Pavlovic or Musiala. “

If the existing players aren’t working, Tuchel thinks it’s a good idea to buy new ones. While I think that I should work harder with those players. And give them confidence.”

Last Saturday, Tuchel gave an interview in the team’s 2-1 home win over Eintracht Frankfurt and was asked about comments from Hoeness.

“It is very far from reality. And if it hadn’t been from Uli, I probably wouldn’t have responded,” the former Chelsea manager would like to say.

“But when our executives said that four days before the game with Real Madrid, it felt different. As a head coach, I am hurt and feel disrespected.”

“I think over the past 15 years, our coaching staff has proven that the academy players ยูฟ่าเบท There will always be a position on the team. If they show good form ′

′ We do that at Bayern as well, so I have a hard time understanding such comments. And it’s an allegation without evidence.”