Ronaldo sends a message to his fellow Red Devils after he opened a nest and smashed a gun

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Manchester United’s 5 Ballon d’Or superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, sent a message to his Red Devils teammates. After their Premier League win over Arsenal on Wednesday night past.

Cristiano Ronaldo congratulated his Manchester United team-mates for their 3-1 win over Arsenal via a post-match message on social media. The 37-year-old was used. As a substitute again by Erik ten Hag, who has started just one of his six Premier League games this season. It looks like it will work when those who have started instead of Ronaldo. Has helped the Red Devils win four consecutive games and moved up to fifth in the table after starting with two defeats in a row

Ronaldo sends a message to his fellow Red Devils after he opened a nest and smashed a gun

 Of course, he is not happy to remain a substitute and not in the line-up of the starting 11. But at least the five-time Ballon d’Or winner is delighted with his team’s results. It will also see the Portuguese legend jumping to his feet to applaud new Manchester United winger Anthony made his debut and immediately scored his first goal. And in an Instagram post following last night’s victory at Old Trafford Ronaldo wrote: “Well done everyone. ! And a special thanks to our supporters! Let’s go, demon!”

Marcus Rashford scored two goals and the first from £85million signing. Anthony gave United a full three points from Arsenal had won all of their previous five league games. Before ending travel to manchester Ronaldo was sent on to replace Anthony in the 58th minute. When the Red Devils were leading 1-0 but Bukayo Saka soon equalized.

  But then-returning Rashford netted two goals in nine minutes. Giving the home supporters the joy of returning home as Ronaldo expressed his feelings on social media. The Portuguese national team captain is expected. The Red Devils started in the shock 4-0 defeat to Brentford. Will return to the starting XI as Manchester United host Real Socia Jadad on Thursday. In the Europa League group stage first leg, with Ten Hag still facing questions from the media. On how his striker was missing from the starting XI ahead of Arsenal’s victory The former Ajax boss has been asked about his plans to coach Ronaldo now that he is certain he will stay at the club.

“I’ll be his friend,” replied Ten Hag, “sometimes I’ll be his teacher. as we all know He doesn’t have a pre-season and you can’t miss pre-season. especially the games we play The way of playing is not the same as compared to the previous game. It depends on (and) the need for cooperation. and want to stand in a certain position both when in possession of the ball and not in possession of the ball And the other thing is fitness.”