Romano reveals that the ‘Hwan’ thinks of signing the brother of ‘Tiago’ before the market closes.

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Fabricio Romano has confirmed that Liverpool have Thiago’s brother Rafinha Alcantara on the list to add to the squad ahead of the transfer window. But believes R Tour Melo would be more suitable. So he joined the army.

Fabrizio Romano has revealed that Premier League side Liverpool are considering signing Rafinha Alcantara. The younger brother of Thiago Alcantara. Play in the midfield as well. Join the UFABET team during the transfer market is about to close, but in the end, the Reds decided to grab Artur Melo from Juventus instead.

Romano reveals that the 'Hwan' thinks of signing the brother of 'Tiago' before the market closes.

At the end of August, the German trainer Jurgen Klopp. Want to find a new midfielder to solve the problem of many injured players in the midfield. After admitting that I made the mistake of not finding it early. because looking at can also deal with this situation. With a list of many target players and the 29-year-old star is one of them. 

” Liverpool  explore a lot of possibilities,” said the Macaroni reporter. “I can tell you that one of their names on the list is Rafinha from Paris Saint-Germain. But eventually he joined the Qatari club Al- Arabi. He decided to go for a different experience. But he was one of the players on the list at Liverpool , he dreamed of the possibility of playing with his brother , Thiago Alcantara, but in the end it didn’t.” 

At the same time, Romano also revealed that last season. He had suggested this midfielder to the team at Anfield. To move to coordinate with his brother because PSG are ready to be released and relatively inexpensive. But it seems Liverpool were not interested at the time. Until recently, it was back on target. But compared to Arthur, Red Machine seems to be a better player to reinforce the army. Because of his great skill So turned to this shin instead.

For Rafinha Alcantara, not as successful as his brother. He grew up from Barcelona, ​​being pushed up into the first team in 2011, but is often loaned to other clubs. Before moving to the famous team of the French capital in 2020, but unable to produce good results By last season, being released to Real Sociedad on loan until Saturday, September 3, Al-Arabi, the Qatari league team announced a two-year contract.