Baccarat formula that players are more accurate must try

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1. One-sided stabbing, no need to move the side

      Although this Baccarat formula has the advantage of not having to think too much. We just keep on stabbing only one side. can stab the dealer Stabbing the players is good. But in the way that it will be easy here if we do not understand it well. There are quite a few. Therefore, before using the one-sided stabbing formula, we must know the rhythm. To be able to beat online casinos. The conditions for using the one-sided baccarat formula are as follows:

Baccarat formula that players are more accurate must try

        1.1 Which side to stab, always stab that side

        1.2 If the wrong bet is placed for 3 consecutive rounds, stop, do not continue stabbing eyes immediately. Wait until the side that we used to win and then continue to stab. Such as stabbing the player 3 rounds but losing every round. We will wait until the player’s side wins and then stabs the player again

        1.3 Set your desired profit target When you get it, don’t stay. If you want more profit or want to continue playing, change the table. But a good way if the profits reach the target Quit. Then come back to play the next day will be better.

        1.4 Do not expect a 3rd win, as soon as two consecutive wins stop. Then wait for the side that we bet back to win again, then stab again. For example, bet the player wins 2 consecutive rounds. We will stop even if the next round is out of the player. Wait until the banker side wins until it switches to the player side again. Then we will start stabbing again.

      With the payout rate when betting on the banker’s side. We have to be charged 5% for the dealer every time we win. While the player’s side will get 100% full. It may make many people think that the player’s side bet should be more worthwhile. But not always Because if the banker’s card wins more. Even if it has to lose 5% the remaining profit may exceed expectations.

2. Look at him and stab

       The follow-up betting formula is another Baccarat formula that has the application of Thai-style betting. Which is used in many gambling games. For betting according to the Thai gambler, he has a method to read the cards and call him as follows.

        2.1 Ping-pong is a card design that alternates between the dealer and the player.

        2.2 Dragon is to issue cards on either side for a long time from 5 – 10 eyes like a dragon’s tail. Such as 7-eye dealer out 8-eye player out, etc.

        2.3 Double type is to issue a double and then switch sides, such as the dealer, the banker , the player, the banker, the dealer

        2.4 Hit and cut is to issue cards in a manner similar to dragon cards, but will always be issued first and then change sides, such as … dealer, banker , player, player …. tie, dealer, banker …

        2.5 The rib is a card is issued similar to the nature of the rib. It will be issued as the dealer 4 times in a row , the player 1 time, and then the dealer 5 more times, then it is a player , banker , and contiguous  players .

       However, the format of Baccarat card issuance can be divided into 3 main forms, namely, alternating scheme (distributing the dealer alternating with the player), the player plot (contiguous players), and the dealer layout. (Contiguous dealer), but from the 416 cards that are already alternating in Shoes, there is no way to know what the card will come out like. We just rely on reading the cards that have been issued before and then playing along the water. The conditions for using the formula according to him are as follows:

        – Select the room you want to play and must know how the card layout of the room looks

        – Predict the result of losing and winning according to the card layout of the room, for example, if he is a pair of swap 2, as soon as the 2 is complete, according to him. In the next turn, should not bet on the other side But we chose to stab the garden instead.

        – Enter the same formula, as soon as the profit is targeted, move the room or quit playing

3. Alternate thrust

       Alternating Betting Formula is a formula based on 8 decks of cards that are alternating in Sue. Which, according to the statistics of playing, more than 87.5% cards are issued alternately between the dealer and the player. Well it’s not more than 3 eyes. No matter what kind of card layout it comes out. And there is very little chance to design a dragon shape up to 5 eyes. Despite the record that it used to have a maximum of 10 eyes, as shown in the picture.

      From the statistics table, it can be seen that the chance of dragon cards coming out 5 or more in a row is only 5.47%. It’s easy to think that if we play 100 eyes, there will be 5 dragons appearing, so it’s really difficult to catch a dragon as its name suggests. Anyone who has caught the dragon card and has already picked up profits, it is recommended that you scoop up, otherwise you will be taken back by the dealer if you continue to be stubborn.

      This time, instead of worrying about dragon cards, Fighting and hunting for profit from a room with a table tennis layout or a pair is still better. Because the chance that it will come out 2 in a row is up to 75%. If you go back and look at the previous formula, you will see that as soon as you get 2 consecutive draws, stop and look at the cards again. Therefore, it can be concluded that playing baccarat in a room with a table tennis table or a pair is quite good for us.

      When talking about 2 stuck eyes, I would like to expand to understand each other a bit that 2 stuck eyes that it has the following characteristics of playing cards.

        1. Design of ping pong 50% is to issue cards alternating 50 times in 100 rounds.

        2. Two consecutive draws 25% means the same card is issued 2 times in a row, approximately 25 times in 100 rounds.

      Another easy way to choose a room is If any of the cards have already gone out a lot, it is difficult to happen again. For example, dragon cards have a 3.13% chance of being drawn 5 times in a row. Only 1 coming out is considered enough for us to give up hope on the cards. dragon Therefore, it is better to take the time to study the conditions of using the alternate bet formula, which are as follows.

        1. Look for a room with a deck of cards, ping pong, or a pair, as these two tend to happen more often than the others.

        2. To place bets alternately on both sides, do not go down, always, absolutely

        3. The profit target has been reached, stop.

        4. Lose this eye, face down double, for example, this time, down 100, lose the next round, down 200

        5. Losing two eyes in a row, stop waiting for the beat

        6. The maximum loss is only 9 units, no more than this. Most people have had enough and don’t quit. and like to quit when exhausted

      How are you doing with the 2019 Baccarat formula that we have introduced today? We believe that the 3 formulas that have been told would not be too difficult for the understanding of Thai blood gamblers for sure. But what was more difficult than anything else would be conquering yourself. because the smell of victory was too sweet to resist If you don’t set a goal to play in the UFABET end, everyone will be exhausted. So let’s all gamble consciously. then it will be fun.

 In addition, every formula that has been mentioned, we need to practice using it often to be proficient in order to see results, even if it’s not at first. But in the future, playing baccarat online, it will be easier.