Anthony’s pre-goal game goes viral

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A clip of Erik ten Hag’s ‘style ball’ from the opening session leading up to Manchester United’s new goalkeeper Anthony in the Premier League last night has gone viral. online world

Manchester United fans are in awe after a clip showing Anthony’s opening goal against Arsenal went viral on social media. Erik ten Hag has started his Premier League stint in charge with two consecutive defeats to Brighton and Brentford. But what the Dutch coach and his behind-the-scenes staff did to the players on the training ground in the weeks leading up to the Liverpool game on 22 August 2022 has clearly made a huge impact.

Anthony's pre-goal game goes viral

  Since that time, Manchester United have looked completely different. And now they have won four in a row. They move up to fifth in the Premier League table after a 3-1 victory over top-flight leaders Arsenal last night (Sunday 4 September 2022), with the Red Devils now three points behind the leaders. And just two points behind the second-placed team, Manchester City.

The recovery that Manchester United has made in a short period of time. That’s pretty amazing and Ten Hag is the person who deserves all the praise that’s pouring over them right now. Last night, Old Trafford was shaken when Anthony The signings came in on the deadline day. The players opened the game for the first time in the 35th minute. From a counter-attack, Marcus Rashford caught the UFABET ball and stabbed right out. Then the new Red Devils Brazilian kicked into the ball and shot Aaron Ramsdale into the beautiful second post.

 While much of the focus was on Anthony’s finishing and goal celebrations. which is understandable if so So the game leading up to the goal didn’t get much attention back then. Over the course of a full minute, United made 18 passes, alternating passes across the pitch and even at one point returned to goalkeeper David de Gea. As they look for slots to attack their opponents. And one clever pass by Christian Eriksen to Bruno Fernandes was the most important moment.

  It’s a very beautiful football game. This event, comments from fans It was filled with praise such as “Beautiful, what a truly beautiful football”, “They said This is counter football”, “This is the full game leading up to the first goal and they say this is a counter attack? We slowly open them like cans of beer”, “Everyone is involved. It’s the perfect team goal”, “God, I don’t know. The team’s goals are so good. Ladies and gentlemen This is Ten Hag’s ball”, “Tears are flowing”, “This is truly great. Everyone is involved in possession of the ball.”