Your twenties are a crucial time for your growth; they’re a time for exploring, figuring out who you want to be and where you’ll fit in this world. Yes relationships are a huge part of that growth- teaching you how to be respectful of someone else’s wants and needs and helping you decide what is important to you in a partner. But on the flip side are the valuable lessons and benefits that only riding solo will teach you. 

If you have not been single during your adult life then you’re probably 1. Scared s***less at the thought of it, and 2. Vastly unaware of its potential awesomeness. Luckily I’ve been exploring single-hood with much enthusiasm- determined to appreciate all of its perks and I’d like to share some of them with you: 

1. You can say yes to every opportunity

2. You can go on dates- lots of dates! Tinder dates… blind dates… dates with the cute guy from the bar… dates with the hottie from your gym… heck, you could book yourself solid every night of the week! 

3. You can spend as much time with your friends as you want. And they’ll quit complaining about how they never see you.

4. You can sleep in the center of your bed- TV on- fan blowing- drool dribbling down your chin- and guess what?! It’s perfectly fine!

5. You can- and should- throw yourself selfishly and deeply into your passions and goals.

6. You learn how to be alone and you actually truly enjoy it- It’s a skill that you’ll value and need throughout life.

7. You can do whatever the F*** you want! Feel like binge watching “Real Housewives” reruns? -well that’s perfectly acceptable and guess what?! No one can tell you otherwise.

8. You’re free to travel the world- Shanghai, Milan, New Zealand, you name it! Get your butt out there.

9. You can take the time to discover what your values are- which will be important when it comes time to find someone who shares them.

10. Your number one relationship becomes the one with yourself. And who is more deserving of your time than you?