I was so excited when I heard we’d be carrying Neon Zinn by Seth Damm on S&S.
Even more thrilled when I got my hands on one to style.
This ex-Seattle native specializes in creating these insane ‘Neon Zinn’ necklaces.
I’m really lost for words when it comes to describing his work.
But I mean as you can see: it’s awesome.
I’ve never seen any accessories like these before.
Truly innovative and spot on.
His whole collection features similar neutral pieces with pops of color.
Some even larger and more extravagant than the piece I’m wearing.
You can find them here.
Out of all of Seth’s pieces I had to choose from, this one definitely caught my eye.
I loved the little ‘hint of lime’. Especially in the midst of summer.
Picking an outfit to match wasn’t too challenging.
I knew as long as I kept it simple the necklace would do the work.
Less is more.
Photography by Rachel Davis Photography
Neon Zinn ‘Upstream’ Necklace