We all have “off” days now and then… Those days where your hair just doesn’t look right, or you hate absolutely everything in your closet (this happens to me frequently)… But it’s never too late to turn an off day around! We have a few tips that will help get you back to feeling like your beautiful awesome self: 

1. Put on your favorite song.

Music has the ability to lift your spirits instantly! This is the perfect place to start when you’re feeling off.

2. Put on your sexiest lingerie.

No one needs to know it’s there except you- it’s like having a little secret! And I promise you you will feel instantly sexier! 

3. Put on some lipstick.

Adding a bright red, dark plum, or fun pink lipstick to your usual makeup routine can be just the pick me up you need! 

4. Wash your face and hair!

Sometimes the best way to deal with a bad hair/makeup day is to just start over! 

5. Get some exercise!

Exercise releases endorphins and sends mood boosting chemicals to your brain. And it makes you look good, too!

6. Smile 🙂

It seems obvious, but everyone looks better (and more approachable) with a smile on their face.

7. Wear heels.

Heels make your legs look longer and your booty look better. This is a fact. 

8. Treat yourself.

Whether it’s a manicure, reading a good book, or just buying yourself a latte- treat yourself to something that makes you happy! 

9. Call up your best friend and laugh!

Get the focus off yourself by calling up that friend that makes you laugh! Laughter is truly the best medicine and a good friend will always remind you how beautiful you are- even on an off day.

10. Remember- every off day eventually comes to an end.

And tomorrow will be a fresh start!