My jaw dropped when I first saw the gold metal suit (Cecile Metal Gold) by Acne Studios. Lauren and I laughed that it would be perfect for a remake of Blade Runner, but the more I looked at it the more I kinda thought – “I need this”. I mean, how often do you come across something, so special and so excitingly bizarre, but still affordable and somewhat…  practical. Think of all the occasions for a suit like this.

Christmas Jubilee party at the Washington Athletic Club? ~ Yes.


Sunday brunch? ~ I live on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, so yes.

High School reunion? ~ Hell yes.

The possibilities are actually pretty good and chances are it’ll be the most fun <fill in the blank> you’ve ever been to.

Acne Studios – Cecile metal gold Shop Ready to Wear, Accessories, Shoes and Denim for Men and Women.